Friday March 22, 2019

Wow! Last night was powerful! We had 18 people from 7 different churches pack the Upper Room of the Boardwalk Coffee House to love God and to love people! The worship was beautiful and the prayers united us before the throne of God to the ears of God. The testimonies of what God did through us were some of the most incredible we’ve experienced so far! From praying for the young man selling jokes for 25 cents, to praying for hurting people and getting harmonica lessons, praying for the Lord to raise up a ministry to victims in the sex traffic industry, praying for the man with multiple personalities (including Legion), to loving on Cisco who was hungry and stuck in Myrtle Beach. Plus the many more encounters we had last night! As I was listening to you all share of how God used you, I was thinking, what if we didn’t gather last night? What if you didn’t go out and speak to the person God sent you to? The cost of us not going, is greater for those out there waiting to hear from God through us. It would have cost the joke guy, Richard, the harmonica guy, and Cisco so much more if we had stayed home. They were blessed because you went to them. So thank you! We get to gather again next Friday and every Friday through the summer at 6:30 pm! Pictures

Saturday March 2, 2019 – Monthly Gathering at Grand Strand Community Church

Praise God for the 60 people who came together from 21 different churches! The Jamie T Band led us in beautiful worship and we flooded the altar crying out to the Lord to save our cities! One team went to a local nursing home, another team fixed some fencing at the church, two teams went to pray with sick people, other teams went wherever the Lord led them, and nine ladies stayed back at the church to intercede! We are so thankful for GSCC for hosting us and feeding us! We will be there also in April and May!

Feb 2, 2019 – Monthly Gathering at Christ United

37 followers of Jesus Christ! 16 of them were men! 15 churches represented! Loving God and Loving People!

Jan 5, 2019 – Monthly Gathering at Christ United

33 people from 14 different churches gathered to love God and to love people!

Dec 1, 2018 – Monthly Gathering at Christ United

We had our Blessing Drive for flood victims combined with our regular Monthly Gathering! Blessing Drive, Singing at Assisted Living, Yard work, Prayer outreach, Stay & pray!

Nov 3, 2018 – Monthly Gathering at Father’s Cup Overflow, Longs

37 people from 12 church joined together in a beautiful time of worship, prayer, and outreach! We had a large group help clean up a neighbor’s yard and another large group visit residents at a local assisted living home. Pastors met to pray and several went out for prayer outreach going wherever God was leading them to talk to whomever God was sending them to!  Click here for pictures!

Friday Nights Outreach is going strong every Friday at 6:30 pm! Pictures!

Oct. 6, 2018 – Monthly Gathering at Christ United, MB

Together in Christ – IN SERVICE!

With so many needs in the community from hurricane Florence and the flooding, the Lord led us to focus on service projects. We had 45 people from 14 different churches come together to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Ministry Teams: Prayer team at the church, Help a family move back in their house, Sort & Bag items for those in need, Do some heavy cleaning and removal of items from a flood damaged house, Minister to a Together in Christ family who was flooded, and we sent prayer teams out with the work teams.

We wanted to especially help those in our Together in Christ family so we asked for needs of those among us, we prayed for God to provide, and every need was either met, pledged to be met, or prayed over trusting God with the outcome.  Click here for pictures!

Sept 1, 2018 – Monthly Gathering at Christ United, MB

It was so good to be united with 49 people from 16 different churches! We visited Myrtle Manor, cleaned a condo for a handicapped man, helped a family move into a new home, and of course went out to pray and stayed back to pray! What was interesting, was that all seven of the ladies who stayed back at the church to pray, were from seven different churches! Praise God!  Click here for pictures!

August 4, 2018 – Monthly Gathering at Christ United, MB

47 people plus children came out from ten different churches to love God and to love people in the community! We visited Myrtle Manor, did yard work for a widow, and sent teams out to pray with people.  Click here for pictures!

Friday July 27 2018 –  We are now going out every Friday Night for Outreach! 6:30 pm at the Boardwalk Coffee House!

Pics from Aug 3

March 3, 2018 – Monthly Gathering at Union Missionary Baptist Church, Little River

45 people from 14 churches came together to worship, pray, and do ministry: prayer team, visit nursing home, pray over churches, pray over neighborhoods, spiritual treasure hunt, and pray over the sex industry. We prayed for a regular bible study in the nursing home and for a ministry to be birthed locally to minister to victims of the sex industry. Pastor Norfleet invited us to come back the first Saturday in July!  Click here for pictures!

February 3, 2018 – Monthly Gathering at Centenary UMC, Conway

Around 60 people from 20 churches showed up despite the 35 degree weather! We had nine ministry teams: Visit nursing home, public relations praying over churches in Conway, Spiritual treasure hunting, prayed over neighborhoods, service project at the host church, went to Coastal Carolina University, prayer walk wherever the Lord led, Coastline Women’s Center to pray, and the prayer team stayed back at the church to pray! It was our largest turnout yet. We had 10 Korean YWAM missionaries join us, plus snowbirds from Canada and Pennsylvania. We had at least 25 men with us which is an answer to prayer from our 2-3 men we had when we first started our monthly gatherings in 2015.  Click here for pictures.

January 6, 2018 – Monthly Gathering at Centenary UMC, Conway

We had record temperatures of snow and ice and yet 25 people from 11 churches still braved the cold weather and came out! We sent ministry teams out to: pray over the upcoming MLK events in Myrtle Beach, public relations praying over churches in Conway, helped an elderly widow pack boxes and clean up her house, and spiritual treasure hunting, and the prayer team stayed back to pray!

December 2, 2017 – Monthly Gathering at Ignite Church, Myrtle Beach

Around 50 people from 15 churches attended! The Jamie T Band led us into beautiful worship again! We sent out five ministry teams: Sing Christmas Carols at an assisted living home, spiritual treasure hunting, beach ministry, service project helping move boxes, helped minister to the homeless with Swash Park Ministries, and a team stayed back at the church to pray. The response coming back was, “Wow! We were the ones who were blessed!”  Click here for pictures

November 4, 2017 – Monthly Gathering at Christ United Church, Myrtle Beach

41 people from 12 churches were led into worship by the Jamie T Band! We prayed and then six ministry teams went out: Spiritual Treasure Hunt, Pray over a church merge in Longs, Bless another ministry by organizing a storage unit, Go to Art in the Park and to an air soft group, Prayer Walk, and Pray over city hall and Nov.7 election. New friendships were made, supernatural healings occurred, prayers went up and God was glorified!  Click here for pictures

October 26, 2017 – Rick Gage Crusade Lunch at Rioz Steakhouse

Around 200 people joined us for a lunch meeting with Marketlife Ministries.

74 people signed up to be a part of the crusade, 20 people committed to take a leadership role in the Task Force, 32 different churches were represented and 15 pastors were present. That sounds like a great start!
So what’s next? The Task Force team will be meeting soon to start the crusade process. You can be involved by praying now for a successful crusade where thousands of people will repent and surrender to Jesus and by telling others about this opportunity.
Here is the promotional video and GO TELL website to share with others.
Others who weren’t at the lunch meeting can still sign up here to be a part of what God is doing in Horry County.
It was beautiful to see us all come together to see God glorified! We’ll keep you posted!

Click here for pictures

October 7 2017 – Monthly Gathering at Ignite Church Myrtle Beach

42 people from 14 different churches came out!

We launched a new initiative: Sending out ministry teams

  • Beach
  • Prayer Walk
  • Spiritual Treasure Hunt
  • Community Event: Fish & Grits Festival
  • Service Project: Helped a lady move

Click here for pictures

September 2, 2017 – Monthly Gathering at Father’s Cup Ministries, Longs

55 people from 10 churches came out despite threats of thunderstorms all day. BUT… we stayed dry!! Praise God! We prayed for our pastors, missionaries, ministries, upcoming conferences and special events, we prayed for each other and then we took communion together for the first time as Together in Christ. It was beautiful!!

Click here for pictures

August 5, 2017 – Monthly Gathering at Ignite Church Myrtle Beach

50 people from 19 churches joined us for prayer, worship, going out/staying back to pray, lunch & fellowship! We had 24 first timers come out!

Click here for Pictures

Click here to listen to the Testimonies!

July 1, 2017 – Community Prayer Walk

Around 40 people came out to pray in response to the recent Myrtle Beach shootings. We started in worship, prayed, walked from 9th Ave to 4th Ave and back. We circled up at 4th and Ocean Blvd. where the shootings took place and prayed.

Click here for Pictures

Sun News

Sun News Front Page article

June 22, 2017 – Fellowship and Prayer Dinner

We ate, we worshiped the Great I Am, we prayed, we discussed future plans, and we had fellowship with one another!

WMBF came and reported: Click here to watch

Click here for pictures

June 3, 2017

Grand Strand Community Church hosted us this time! We had 43 people from 15 different churches come out to cover the area in prayer. One lady who joined us for the first time had some break-ins on her street recently. We put a team together to go with her to pray over her street. Her team ministered to each other as well as those they met and talked to.  Other teams prayed over schools and churches. God led one team member  to pray with a mom sitting in her car whose daughter was recovering from addictions. Another team prayed over Plantation Apartments and was seeking direction for someone thinking about moving in there. Another lady went with a team to pray over the Glenn’s Bay area. She said, My time with that group was so uplifting and blessed and spirit filled.” They were who God has been pressing me toward all week. So very thankful I was obedient this morning! My morning can be described in no other way than as a divine appointment!” Click here for pictures.

May 6, 2017

We met back at Father’s Cup Ministries in Longs! What a great day praying over the area! There were 34 of us who gathered together! One testimony from the day was with one team who felt strongly to go to Hobby Lobby to pray. When they got there, a young girl, Christine, was coming out of the store and ran into our team. They prayed with her and invited her back to Father’ Cup Ministries to have lunch with us…. and she came! We got a chance to talk with her and get to know her better. It turns out she went to Hobby Lobby that day for an event that was posted on Facebook, but when she got there. There wasn’t an event going on, so she left. As she came through the doors to leave, she ran into our team who prayed with her. I told her, “God loves you and sent four people to you today! Do you have any idea why?” She said, “Well, I prayed this morning for God to send me a friend I can meet with once a week.”  God answered her prayer! Christine got connected with a young mom who was with us that day. Christine has some new Christian friends now! Click here for pictures from the day.

April 24, 2017 – Mentor Luncheon

Sun News Article

April 1, 2017

This month we had more men than women come out! This is huge! Thank you to every man that took time out of his busy schedule to go out into the community to pray. We need godly men! Five pastors joined us and we had six new people go out for the first time! Everyone returned with smiles of joy! Please read the TESTIMONY below from last month. We were invited to Union Missionary Baptist Church by Pastor Norfleet because of what God did in his church the day after we prayed over it. We were blessed to be there today! Click here for testimonies from today. Click here for pictures!

March 4, 2017

46 people from seven different churches came out today! Ten more people than last week. Overflow Fellowship Church and Father’s Cup Ministries worked together to host us in Longs. We had a record number of 14 people to stay back at the church and intercede for the teams while they were out praying over churches, schools, neighborhoods, and businesses in the area. Click here for pictures! Want to join us?

TESTIMONY – Our last monthly gathering was on March 4 at Father’s Cup Ministries with Overflow Fellowship Church. After worship and prayer, we got into teams of 3-4 to go out and pray over churches, schools, businesses, and neighborhoods. Pastor Andy’s team prayed over Pastor Norfleet’s church, Union Missionary Baptist Church. The next day, Sunday, Pastor Andy told Pastor Norfleet that they had prayed over his church the day before. Pastor Norfleet said, “That explains it!! That’s why the praise and worship was so strong and the presence of the Lord was so heavy that I couldn’t even preach!! We didn’t want to stop the worship!” So Pastor Norfleet has invited Together in Christ to come to his church April 1st!

Feb 4, 2017

36 people from ten different churches came out today at Christ United church to worship, pray, have lunch and fellowship together. It was beautiful. Five teams went out to pray over area churches, businesses, and neighborhoods. while a prayer team stayed back at the church to pray. The worship band that plays every Wednesday at 6:30 pm at Christ United led us into reverent worship, while church ladies provided us with a delicious lunch. The teams came back excited that God is moving!


Jan 24, 2017

124 pastors, worship leaders, Christian leaders, and intercessors from 44 churches took an active role in the Together in Christ planning meetings and the prayer & worship gatherings. Hundreds more Christ followers came out to support the several MLK events that were organized by other community leaders. The love and unity we saw in the past 18 days is so encouraging!!

Out of our leader meeting today, came a lot of great things!

  • We started in corporate prayer and by praying for each other
  • We debriefed on the great things that happened during the MLK celebration week
  • We talked about some upcoming events and how you can promote your Christian event on
  • Together in Christ seeks to promote Christ centered events, but cannot guarantee the theological integrity of all events promoted
  • We will meet the first Saturday of every month for prayer, worship, an outreach, lunch and fellowship. The next one is February 4th @ 9 am at Christ United (next to Medieval Times)
  • We are planning a large Community Worship Service for the fall
  • We discussed several great opportunities to make a positive difference in the community. Discipleship was a common theme among many.
  • Together in Christ will try to be a hub to promote these efforts within the body of Christ

We would love to have every pastor and church in Horry County be involved. They can join the movement at All are welcome to the next gathering at Christ United on February 4th.