The prayer team prayed that people would come up to the teams for prayer. And they did!

One team prayed with a lady on her way to get high. After they prayed, she went into the house and when she came out, she went back to the team for more prayer and gave her life to the Lord!! They prayed in a beauty shop and all the ladies inside were grateful!

A team went to the North Strand Housing Shelter and one of the resident ladies who lost everything from the hurricane, was holding on to one of our ladies and didn’t want her to leave because a connection was made between them.  They also prayed over the woods where many homeless live.

Two teams went into the Cedar Branch community. They saw drug deals, but God gave them the opportunity to pray with people and to give them hope. Their hearts were broken for the children growing up in that environment who don’t know any different. One of our ladies spoke into Mary’s life and her countenance changed.

God impressed on Pastor Jeff to go to a certain street and pray with a certain young man. He didn’t recognize the street until they turned on it and he didn’t realize the young man he was to pray with until he saw A. Pastor told him that there was still time.  Later, the Holy Spirit led another team into that same area to pray with A. A’s name was already on a list of potential recipients for a scholarship.  There’s still time.

“Oneness”, “unity”, “Watchman on the wall”, “Overflow”, “Proclaim My goodness”

Another team parked their truck across the NC/SC state line. Two of them were in NC and two of them were in SC. They claimed the states for Jesus! Farmer Sam came up to them and received prayer for him and his wife, Sara.

They also prayed over an elderly home-bound couple who were in a desperate situation. She had prayed earlier that morning and this team came as an answer to her prayers.