Below is information on a ministry leadership meeting to start a Mission Station in Myrtle Beach for Horry County. I’m sending this invitation to you, because I know you have an important ministry here and feel you would have great input at this meeting.

“Greetings Dear Ministry Leaders!

Please Join us Thursday Jan. 10 @ 6 pm for  brief gathering to share a vision for a  Mission station here in Myrtle Beach.  One purpose of a a Mission Station is to have a central place of resources , referrals and follow up for spiritual growth. Mission stations are Community collaboration to serve multiple purposes to better serve the Community.

The first step is to a Mission Station is to evaluate the greatest needs of the community and  build from there. Mission stations serve as multiple purpose resources from GED preparation, life skills training, resources and spiritual care follow-up. We would like to share the purpose of a Mission Station and need your leadership input.  With the volume of ministry involvement you all have in the City, I know that you carry the burden for what is needed here and will be a great resource as we put some data together. We will have a representative here from Christ Central to share some information with us about Mission Stations and how to get started.  We will have soup. sandwiches and a time of prayer one for another.”

Thursday Jan 10 @ 6 pm
Christ United – enter through Unite Center on side of building

For questions please contact
Ruth Williams